Live Casinos; Everything you need to know about them

  • Jul 21, 2021

Live Casinos such as provide nearly the same playing experience to online gamblers as do the brick and mortar ones. Sitting in front of your laptop, desktop or your mobile device, you can participate in live games such as Roulette, Baccarat, place bets, engage in small talk with your dealer and have fun. The only things that you miss are the waitresses and the drinks. In a live casino, you get the same odds and payback percentages as in a real casino for that particular game. Playtech, Amaya, Realtime Gaming and Microgaming provide live casino products.

What makes live casinos exciting?

In a live casino, you are interacting with a live dealer. You know exactly what he is doing in the casino. This is made possible by a special technology called Optical Character Recognition. Every word or syllable of the live dealer is converted into a series of letters and characters that float on your screen. You read these words and immediately know what the dealer is doing or saying. Running a live casino is a bit complicated. If you are planning to play in a live casino, make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable.

  • Texas Hold'em is available on live casinos
  • Another live casino game is Dream Catcher

Live casinos are different from online gambling websites. Though both run on the internet, in the latter, the games' outcomes are determined by Random Number Generators . RNGs are computer programmes and they are used by casinos to throw random numbers and outcomes. In a live casino however, the job of the RNG is taken over by the croupier. Therefore, in this case, the outcomes are influenced by humans. That said, all the live casino games are fair and those are monitored by the pit boss. If you think something is amiss, you can raise your issue with him.

How to pick a good live casino?

Avoiding fly by night live casinos is more important than losing your entire bankroll in a genuine game. Beware, in your quest for a good casino, you would be flooded with offers by several scammers. Some of them would even offer you guaranteed winnings, avoid them. Read online reviews of live casinos before creating your account. Now that you have made your live casino persona, it is time to test how your casino works. Play a few demo games and check if things work properly. How many live games does your live casino has? What are the payouts?

Check the payout history. Has your casino gone back on making the promised payment? Which payment gateways work with your casino? Good live casinos allow payments through virtual wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc. If you have a credit or a debit card, you can, in some cases, make payments to your casino. How long does it take to withdraw your funds? Dows your live casino allow crypto currencies like BTC? What are the transaction charges, if any? Is the payment process secure? What does your live casino do with your data? What is the Privacy Policy?

Final thoughts on Live Casinos

Live casinos provide fun, no doubt about that. But before signing up, read your casino's Responsible Gambling practices list. Does your casino allow underage gambling? What is the casino's policy toward compulsive gamblers? Responsible live casinos discourage money laundering. Be sure that your casino has all the right licences. A licenced live casino is fair, and transparent. Check out its customer care department. Does it have an FAQ section? Does it have Live Chat. How do you escalate your complaints in your live casino? Finally, does your casino offer good bonuses and promotions? What are the rules and the associated terms and conditions?

What are Live Casinos and how can I play there?