Gambling on your Roulette game

  • Jul 21, 2021

Roulette is a fast-paced game, and is known for its handsome payouts. If you have never played this table-game before, read this excellent gambling guide( 1-onlinecasino-canada ). After reading this article you should be able to use the right strategy to ace your Roulette game.

Martingale betting strategy

Here, you double your bets on every loss. For example, if you bet $4, and lost this money, you would bet $8 on your game. The underlying assumption is that you would not only win money, but also recover all your past losses in future.

Please note that this strategy works best for high-rollers. These are players who have a very high risk appetite. If you are low on budget, please don't try this strategy. Besides, many tables impose betting limits . There are other betting strategies as well.

  • Don't gamble recklessly.
  • Never wager money while using public Wi-Fi
  • Never wager money while using public Wi-Fi

In the Andrucci system, the assumption is that the wheel would cover every number eventually. Study the wheel during its 30-35 spins and find out the number on which the ball would fall next. Now stick to this number and bet on it for 15-20 times.

Fibonacci gambling strategy

In the Fibonacci strategy, you lay bets according to the world-famous Fibonacci series. This series progresses like this; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on. Note that every third number is the sum of the last two numbers.

Paroli gambling strategy

In this strategy, the player doubles his bet every time he wins money. He continues doing this until he posts 3 consecutive wins. Unlike the Martingale tactic, here the player doesn't double his wager after a loss. There are other betting strategies for Roulette.

Playing Roulette

Now that we know the various betting hacks, let's understand how this game works. Every Roulette work is divided into 37 or more numbered slots. The game begins by revolving this wheel and dropping a ball upon it. Now players lay bets on this wheel.

  • There are 3 versions of this game- French, American and European,

Kinds of Bets

There's a betting table as well in the game.All the numbers in the wheel are classified in this table as Inside and Outside numbers. Players lay bets on these numbers. Inside bets have low odds but high payouts. Please continue reading.

What are Outside bets?

You lay these bets on the numbers located on the outer margins of the table. These numbers are clubbed as High/Low, Odd/ Even or Black/ Red. Outside bets have high odds but very low payouts. Newbies should consider these bets more often.

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